Business dedicated servers

Bare metal dedicated servers provide access to the full processing power of hardware to meet unique requirements of high-performance workloads and applications. All our managed dedicated servers undergo a five point security inspection before they are expanding to ensure they are secure and ready for production.

Customise the specifications of your dedicated server to optimise its performance, capacity or reliability to suit the exact requirements of your business.

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Excellent customer focus

From our Tier 3 support to onboarding processes, we never lose sight of our most important assets - our customers and their feedback to MEDIASECURE.

Dedicated technical support

High skilled engineers for technical support with more than 20 years experience in UNIX, Linux, Firewalls, Content Delivery, Security auditing.

Enterprise network & equipments

Protection against threats including Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. Enterprise equipments: Force10 E-series, Force10 S4810.

Mission critical infrastructure

Dedicated Servers, managed hosting or application hosting powered by MEDIASECURE's mission critical infrastructure deliver seamlessly scalable, SLA-backed, high availability and high performance hosting at competitive prices.